I like your water better

I tune because I care, he says
and damn sure I do too
how could I not
when a guy on a stage, alone
is tapping singing opening his soul
with his vibrant down south
– but living up north – voice
his weapon of choice

as if he has any
existing only to warm other souls
with his words, thoughts and
phone-like special effects
only to remember how he dated
someone for seven years
but never got dated back
and things are interesting only
if you care
inspiring only
if it makes you smile

alone yes, lonely never
never without his sixty three year old
female companion
still together, still married
hard fought as it may be
don’t look back to see
because for now
the stage moves
from underneath his feet
he floats

so I’ll conclude with a final note
some things are
too beautiful to burn
like the musician
who transformed into his guitar

the opposite of rock bottom
is called Jay Nash giving a spiritful soul
to the Dutch autumn.

– Optreden singersongwriter Jay Nash in KunstKamer Holland Huis –