Please stop playing

Hey Jimmy! Hey Brick!
if you think
something is wrong with me
you’re right
can you please stop  
playing as I write
myself down tonight
on stage wielding
your guitars like
a samurai his sword
you‘re putting up
a fight I can’t win
without a word, words
floating like stone,
tap, jump, slide, slam,
drift beyond sound alone
and then bam!
Squeeze an apple
you’ll get juice
squeeze a guitar
as if playing jazz
you’ll get blues
so please
for one night
stop playing
while I write
then I’ll drop my pen  
so you’ll never
have to give up
don’t have to give in
or have to listen
to doctor’s advice
being the only thing that keeps
me alright
so please
play one more
and for the rest of your nights
keep touching hearts
keep playing your guts out
by strangling those guitars
to life.

– Gitaarmagiërs Jimmy Robinson & Floatstone spelen de Kunstkamer plat –